We believe a good work environment is every worker's right.

We created PushKin in 2022 because we saw how hard businesses work to attact, engage, and retain talent. We wanted to help.

What we do

We are not in the business of sales at any cost, or creating additional burden on already complicated and fast moving operations.

We center people in everything we do and we love working with companies that share our ethos. Since inception we focus on key success metrics that when met are both good for us and the businesses that partner with us.

Feel Increased Trust
More Productivity
Improved Analytics


We blend the voice of owners, operators, team embers our unique perspectives to craft outcomes to test and iterate on.


Creative ideas can come from anyone. We stay curious and thrive when learning from each other and those we serve.

Radically honest

We believe people are basically good. From that base, we share thoughts and feelings while being respectful to one another.

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