"I love that critical updates are no longer lost in chat"

PushKin is a business communication platform that you control for increased employee engagement.

Free 30-day Demo
Cancel Anytime
Minimal Setup
0ver 500 team members use weekly

Take a photo, hit send to the right teams and locations - too easy

No more - "I didn't see my schedule", "I didn't get that update".

Read Receipts

New store campaign launching next week?  Broadcast to the right teams at the right location and in return get "I acknowledge".

Drive Engagement

Achieve 100% read rates via our AI that learns your teams behaviors and nudges at the right times to drive engagement.

Bring Everyone

Personal devices are not required. Tablets include translations for all team members.

Proactive engagement in key metrics

Share goals and drive team competition. Track, share wins, and celebrate!

Boost specific data points for managers, leads, hourly staff

Use AI to automate notifications when hourly staff adjustments are needed

Case Studies

PushKin is for hourly workforces

15-min demo

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