Increase Engagement

Team members get notifications of updates that drive engagement and acknowlegements. No more "I didn't see the message."

6x Increase in Engagement

Read-rates and acknowledgements increase due to simplicity and lack of noise.

Store performance is about connection and fast feedback loops.

First-time workers expect to have a guided experience. Surface the key metrics and activities that drive results - easily and timely.

Per store pricing,
not per employee

Simplify your operations with a per store monthly subscription that scales as your business grows. Employee turnover is stressful enough already, your software pricing shouldn't be. Switch from Crew App, BaseCamp, and others for a better way to scale.

Help your employees turn their "job" into their career.

Bring everyone along as you improve store performance, with lessons team members can use for this job and beyond.

On site or on the go, PushKin is there to help

Mobile, Tablet, and Web so teams have every opportunity for success via the technology the team prefers.

Real-time performance tuning with training and surveys.

Align goals to trainings and tests that are scheduled regularly to make sure your business continues to improve.

Update, track, and broadcast easily

Track all metrics with automated, easy to understand reports, that can be printed and sent to corporate or service providers.

"Its great to know front and back of house are in sync every day."

-Mark Hufford, Multi-Unit Operator (Chick-fil-A)

When surveyed, 70% of employees say PushKin increased trust in leadership after 4 weeks!

Transparency and care drives positive behaviors. Empower your teams with metrics and training that aligns everyone's success!

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