"Keeping my multiple stores performance in sync is a challenge."

Mark Hufford
Multi-Unit Owner/Operator, QSR
Mark Hufford

Chick-fil-A Case Study:

Prior to PushKin, Chick-fil-A shift managers spent 90+ minutes/ day sharing important store performance stats, team updates, and training materials with employees via team huddles.

Huddles happened multiple times per day as shifts changed.  They spent time translating for non-native English speakers with follow-ups for those who missed out.

Different shift managers communicated in their own way leading to inconsistent understandings across stores.

In a fast pace environment like quick-service restaurants, every minute counts, so it's critical that you be able to efficiently and consistently get important information to your front-line employees.

"Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the pace of operational changes has accelerated and really magnified our communication pains." - Mark Hufford

After employees check-in for their shifts or prior to breaks, they quickly check PushKin on tablets or phones. PushKin is now a critical source of information for store performance, policy updates, food safety details, surveys, or co-worker celebrations.

PushKin initial 4-week pilot statistics:

  • 70+ messages created by leadership
  • 3,895 messages acknowledged
  • 45 flagged messages
  • 43 raised hands
  • 4 surveys, and 395 survey responses

Overall sentiment:

70% of user population said PushKin improved communication during the pilot

"With PushKin, I appreciate knowing everyone gets the same message and can raise their hand for support." - Abigail, Team Lead

"I like getting notifications that remind me whats important for each shift." Jaina, Team Member

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