"Its great knowing office and field teams are all in sync."

Bill Locke
Multi-Location, Moving & Storage
Bill Locke

Admiral Case Study:

Prior to PushKin, Admiral office staff had to continually track down crew members via phone, text and face to face to keep the business running smoothly. They struggled with shift awareness, time cards, safety notices, and keeping certs up to date.

"’I didn’t know' is a common complaint from our crew.  We need a better way to reach everyone." - Bill Locke, Admiral Moving & Logistics

Now, office staff can broadcast tasks and updates to crew members on their phones or tablets. Everyone including those over the road receives the same messages at the same time and provides virtual signatures and/or upload requested documents.  No one is missed, and no chasing folks down.

Crew members appreciate fewer meetings and office staff appreciate real-time communication and signatures.

PushKin initial 4-week pilot statistics:

  • 20+ messages created by leadership
  • 234 messages acknowledged
  • 3 flagged messages
  • 1 raised hands
  • 3 surveys, and 100 survey responses

Overall sentiment:

70% of user population said PushKin improved communication during the pilot

"This saves my team time. Plus I feel great knowing everyone gets important messages including birthdays.” -Bill Locke

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